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Banking and Insurance

Below you will find a small selection of topics that we have so far managed. For privacy reasons, no further details are given.

Banking / Controlling

  • ICS project ("Integrated Consumer Services") at a major Spanish bank. Central bundeling, query and analysis of customer data for marketing and credit decisions. In the context of a Basel II Audit i.a. integration of daily data updates in a monthly updated database. Interim management.
  • Design and installation of a KPI system which accesses data from distributed sources, merges in core storage, and executes standardized analyses and visualizations.
  • Report accruing monthly cash-flow data (Modeling with SAS/ETS, PROC COMPUTAB).
  • Budget analysis (Monthly actual values compared to target and previous year's levels, development of templates with SAS/ETS, PROC COMPUTAB).
  • Development, implementation and testing of a centralized key metrics model (controlling).
  • Development and testing of various descriptive reports (e.g. SAS / ETS).
  • Determination and presentation of various risk measures, e.g. CAPMß.
  • Modeling of the annual net household income (period: 20 years).
  • Conclusions from accounting standards about information of the enterprise value (evaluation of the Ohlson model)
  • Modeling: Including segmentation, clustering and regression of credit card holders (construction of types internal and external validity tests).
  • Time series analysis (ARIMA, Box-Jenkins) diverse (seasonal) business data in three phases (identification, estimation, diagnostics).
  • Sales and marketing relevance of selected interest groups (portfolio/competitive advantage analysis).
  • Comparison of the services of a recreational facility with the specific customer satisfaction
  • Employee attitude survey at numerous companies e.g. on job satisfaction (including workplace conditions, payment, colleagues and superiors, information and communication, etc.), i.a. complete surveys and longitudinal studies.
  • etc.


  • Analysis of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP, DIW) data etc. Time series analysis of waves A to S (1984-2002).
  • Sales and marketing relevance of selected interest groups (portfolio /competitive advantage analysis) .
  • Granger causality tests of the time series of economic development of the quality of the financial system or economic growth of selected developing countries.
  • Hedonic price indexes of real estate data (hedonic regression).
  • Modeling of monthly market basket data (including forecasting and analysis of residuals).
  • Time series analysis (1950-2000) of the progress of selected violence statistics based on data from the Federal Criminal Office, the Police Crime Statistics, and the Federal Statistical Office.
  • Exploratory description and forecasting of various sales trends (mainly exponential smoothing methods).
  • etc.


  • Creating of model point tables and files as calculation basis using database queries as specified by the dpt. "Mathematik Kranken" for further processing in PROPHET. Find and implement solutions for specific needs, especially using SAS macro programming.
  • Training needs analysis for a large insurance company in the Köln (Cologne, Germany) area.
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