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Paedagogics and Mediation

Below you will find a small selection of topics that we have so far managed. For privacy reasons, no further details are given.


  • Training needs analysis for a large insurance company in the Köln (Cologne, Germany) area.
  • Organizational structure of the early intervention centers in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
  • Twin Research
  • Development and investigation of the employment situation of disabled people in Germany.
  • Teaching-learning processes within a hypertext-based learning environments.
  • Differentiation of target orientation and reference standard orientation of students of middle and higher education.
  • Education situation of mentally handicapped people with severe self-injurious behavior in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Re-Analyse)
  • Multi-perspective evaluation of the education reality of grave and multiple handicapped children and adolescents in theory and practice.
  • etc.


  • Are there differences between economic mediators in their concepts, approaches, ideals, and their self-concepts?
  • Evaluation of family mediation in institutional counseling.
  • etc.
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