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Psychology and Psychiatry

Below you will find a small selection of topics that we have so far managed. For privacy reasons, no further details are given.


  • CliPs
    • Analysis of the conversation history within couple relationships (SASB).
    • Comorbidity and treatment course of women with bulimia nervosa.
    • Comparison of several psychometric tests in terms of their ability to gauge the perception ability of preschool children.
    • Emotional openness - Prevalence and Correlates.
  • Development
    • Spontaneous production of animal names by 4-7 year old children.
  • Differential
    • Deprivation and consumption of cigarettes.
    • Depression of transsexuals.
    • Stress and strain of truck drivers.
  • Health
    • Differences in personality and attribution behavior between religious and non-religious people.
  • Organizational (ABO)
    • Controlling in municipal councils.
    • The importance of cognitive demands during stress events.
    • Stress-related job analysis.
    • Long-term analysis of therapist-client interactions.
    • Multidimensional analysis of therapist-client relationships.
    • Comparison (Evaluation) of the service portfolio of a recreational facility (Rhein-Kreis-Neackar) with the specific assessment its customers.
    • Influence of i.a. gender, gender role orientation and hierarchical position on the response of executives on problem behavior of employees.
    • Correlates of a management position (e.g. support).
    • 360degree feedback (P & P vs. online)
    • Qualitative evaluation of a systemic training for managers.
    • etc.
  • Neuro
    • Cortical plasiticity by distant tactile coactivation - Stimulation and reversibility.
    • etc.
  • Social
    • Influence of textual formulations on social attitudes towards readers.


  • Personal images of aging and old age.
  • Evaluation of the training of the articulatory speech competency of exceptional children with the IBM speech mirror III.
  • Change of personality characteristics of psychiatric patients during several years of hospitalization.
  • Risk factor to predict being committed to a mental hospital.
  • etc.
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