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Sports and Biology

Below you will find a small selection of topics that we have so far managed. For privacy reasons, no further details are given.

Sports and Sport Science

  • Success factors in high performance sport-tennis.
  • Analysis of the correlates of ATP / WTO positions in tennis.
  • Compatibility to visit fitness centers in everyday and career life of army personnel.
  • Criteria for fitness industry and sports park
  • Effects of exercise and sport in diabetes
  • etc.


  • Analysis of factors affecting bee colonies.
  • Intravenous administration of BNP and therapeutic effect (pig studies).
  • Change in lung function of horses during and after surgery.
  • Analysis of Bodensee data i.a. regarding correlations of the season, water depth, temperature and chemical composition.
  • Breeding bird monitoring in Baden-Wuerttemberg (location and trend analysis).
  • Hatching rates of North Sea crabs (eg, A. hispida, A. debilis) in various habita.
  • Habita and foraging modes of the three-toed woodpecker, Black Forest (location analyses).
  • etc.
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