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Scientific Consulting

In data analysis, an individual's uncertainty about 'How?' turns into the statistical uncertainty and requires profound knowledge of statistics and probability concepts for deciding under uncertainty, whose frames and assumptions allow to the interpret results achieved with less uncertainty.

  • Our Service: Consultation and Analysis
  • Method Consult offers a wide range of know-how, services, statistical analysis and evaluation strategies, which are tailored to your individual needs. For almost every project, every topic. For companies, research institutions, government agencies, or interested individuals.

  • Scientific Consulting
  • Scientific Consulting is tailored to your analysis project, answers your questions, checks your data and processes, and applies state-of-the-art methods of statistics and Data Mining. The declared aim of our consulting is: Efficiently complete your analysis project within the shortest possible time at the highest possible level. For examples of successful analysis projects, see Success Stories.

    Example: Methods Advisor We advise on issues as for Advanced Analytics (application, analysis, interpretation), and the planning of analyses, surveys and studies. In addition to fundamental issues such as Sampling and Weighting, the classical methodology consultant may examine the type, number and relation of factors to be analysed. With the number of variables to be controlled, the methodological complexity of an analysis project increases exponentially. It examines, i.a., the precise formulation of research questions and research hypotheses, the choice of appropriate methods and models in data analysis (see Advanced Analytics, Data Mining). On request we will conduct a critical evaluation and apply, if necessary, an ex-post trouble-shooting in third parties' studies. For several years, Dr. Schendera was advisor in scientific methods at the Psychological Institute of the University of Heidelberg.

  • Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS):
  • AaaS is the outsourcing of a service: In AaaS, you provide us only micro data or data slices. Based on these sample data, we develop statistical programming, reports, visualizations or bases for decision making according to your needs. For this service, you pay only the analysis that you need for your business decision. Despite saved investment in infrastructure, interfaces, and working time, AaaS and Statistical Engineering will offer you optimized performance in processes and products. For examples of our successful AaaS Services, see Success Stories.

  • Our Mission: Advanced Analytics: Wir live Advanced Analytics. Our services ranges from management and analysis of complex projects from business to individual counseling with occasional problems:
  • Upon request we provide tips and tricks on how to use your data and analysis potential even better.

  • Communication
  • The most successful analysis project, conducted ars lege, is of little use if its results are not interpreted correctly. We also support you to communicate research results according to standards and structures.

  • What's Next?
  • Call or e-mail us. We discuss your problem by phone, remotely (e.g. via TeamViewer) or in a personal meeting. Talk to us.

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