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Below you will find a small selection of topics that we have so far managed. For privacy reasons, no further details are given.


  • Feasibility
    • Analysis of an Easter promotion: Evaluation of the popularity of different types of Easter bunnies (size, packaging unit, with/out red tape) with respect to quantity and value of goods.
    • Correlates to the decision to expand via outsourcing (eg importance of globalization, countries and partner selection, outsourcing strategy and structure, outsourcing management and control, limitations and risks).
    • etc.
  • Market Entry
    • Various evaluations of customer needs, product / buying criteria, enthusiasm potentials and product needs for various manufacturers and service providers.
    • Price sensitivity and purchase behavior of TransFair coffee buyers.
    • Shopping behavior and service quality in Galeria Kaufhof in comparison with competitors (eg Karstadt, Sinn Leffers, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Other techniques
    • Evaluation of various products, e.g. means of conjoint measurement.
    • Modeling of monthly market basket data (including forecasting and analysis of residuals).
    • Exploratory description and forecasting of various sales trends (mainly exponential smoothing methods).
    • etc.


  • Feasibility
    • Market introduction of medical technology (supplement), i.e. time lead generated by the launch, lag to the innovator etc.
    • Practical application of medical technology in the comparison between different manufacturers.
    • Feasibility study for expanding a business portfolio by BI courses (SAS, SPSS) including SWOT analysis.
    • etc.
  • Market Entry
    • Network effects in the market for video game consoles - An economic analysis of supply and demand perspective
    • Content analysis of the interactive medium of mobile communications.
    • Multidimensional analysis of market cars
    • Evaluation of the price of a new drug.
    • Usefulness and effectiveness of CAD programs.
    • Comparative long-term analysis of the fracture resistance of various materials Crown (dentistry).
    • Hedonic price indexes for real estate data (Hedonic regression).
    • Various comparisons of software for data analysis (SAS, SPSS, KXEN).
    • etc.
  • Other techniques
    • Segmentation, clustering and regression of credit card holders (construction of types, including internal and external validity tests).
    • Forecasting of sales figures and contract extensions for cell phones with/out headsets.
    • Media Trends: Radio, mobile and out of home media usage.
    • etc.
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